Meat Process Services

Northwest Meat Center offers the highest quality of meat process services throughout South Carolina. Every member of our butcher team takes great pride in providing top-level service and promises complete satisfaction whenever a customer chooses us.


Our butchers have the industry expertise, as well as the many years of hands-on experience, to handle orders both big and small.


Here are Just a Few of Our Meat Process Services:


• Farm Livestock Processing/Slaughter
• Deer Processing
• Wild Hog Processing
• State Inspected Facility
• Cleanliness/Regulated Sanitation Standards
• All Products Vacuumed Sealed and Ready for Freezer
• Custom Designed Meat Labeling for Retail Sales
• Customized/Special Orders
• Curing/Smoking
• Large Selection of Venison Cooked Products


If you’re ready to receive the finest meat processing services available, pick up the phone and call Northwest Meat Center for all of your processing needs or to book animals for processing.

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